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On Tuesday, September 15th 2015, MEP Bendt Bendtsen, Member of Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, moderated a Working Breakfast on the topic “Importance of the Digital Single Market for App Developers”.
The event was attended by stakeholders from all over Europe, and also included keynotes from MEP Pablo Zalba Bidegain, the Vice-Chair of Committee on Economic & Monetary Affairs and Chairman of the SME WG Digital Agenda, Eric Mamer, the Deputy Head of Cabinet Commissioner Oettinger, and Catriona Meehan, the Director of EU Policy and Government Relations of the Application Developers Alliance. Statements were performed by Dr. Gi Won On, the President of Korea Research & Innovation Centre-Europe, and Attila Rácz, the CEO of Magic Solutions from Romania.



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On Tuesday, 23rd of June 2015, SME Europe of the EPP in cooperation with Qualcomm invited to a working breakfast in the European Parliament. The topic was “Unlocking the potential of SMEs in the Digital Single Market – Innovation, IP protection and partnering for success”.

Mrs. Elisabetta Gardini, Member of the Committee on Public Health and Food Safety, Senator and Chairwoman of the working group microbusiness of SME Europe of the EPP, introduced the topic by putting emphasis on the importance of creating the right incentives for SMEs to do research and development in order to create new opportunities. She also reminded the audience of the importance of stimulating entrepreneurship in order to boost innovation and productivity of SMEs through using their intellectual property efficiently. She hopes that projects like the L2P platform from the Politecnico de Milano will help Europe’s SMEs to do that.

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On 20th January 2015, MEP Iuliu Winkler, Vice-Chair of the Committee for International Trade, hosted a Working Breakfast on the topic “EU Regulation on Conflict Minerals: Working towards an effective solution”. The event was attended by over 100 stakeholders, and also included presentations from Guy Thiran (Eurometaux), Signe Ratso (European Commission), Marius Baader (German Automobile Association) and Luisa Santos (Business Europe). MEP Winkler introduced the topic of conflict minerals by highlighting several important proposals.
This included for example the necessity of strong and effective accompanying measures on the ground, the need for clarity on the definition of conflict areas, introduction of the importers list, the need for a new European authority, and the creation of strong mechanisms under the review clause.

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On Monday, December 1, 2014 MEP Paul Rübig hosted a discussion dinner in cooperation with SME Europe and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia in the European Parliament on the topic ‘’Serbian Business meets EU’’.




After the official photo appointment, Dr. Horst Heitz, Executive Director of SME EUROPE, opened the network cocktail and welcomed the honorable guests, officials and especially the Minister of Economy of Serbia Mr. Željko Sertić. This assembly was a great opportunity for all representatives of Economy, Politics and Industry sectors to specify the chances and synergies with a special focus on small and medium sized enterprises.

During his opening speech Dr. Heitz highlighted the importance of the progressively developing economic negotiations and relationships between Serbia and European Union. “SME EUROPE of the EPP is very delighted to support the initiative of the Chambers of Commerce of Serbia and to have this dinner discussion about “Serbian Business meets EU” tonight. Not only because it is an honour to have Mr. Sertic, Minister of Economy of Serbia, as honorable guest here, in him we also welcome a good old friend and supporter in Brussels.”, he said.

Dr. Heitz further elaborated the long, successful collaboration between SME EUROPE and the Serbian Business Associations and its Chambers of Commerce.  He emphasized that SME EUROPE will continue helping Serbia and its companies on their way to the European Union

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On the 24th of September 2014, MEP Paul Rübig hosted a dinner debate in cooperation with SME Europe and EUROMINES on “Sustainable Industrial Renaissance” at the European Parliament.
In the introduction, Mr. Rübig pointed out that the European Union is still the most important and biggest market in the world. The EU currently still holds 25% of the worldwide production and also about 50% of the social contribution being made in the European internal market. In times of economic and international instability, it is important to have a credible commitment to economic policies. Mr. Rübig drew the attention to energy independence which is, as he described, one of the most important things for a successful and prosper future of the European Union. Furthermore, Mr. Rübig stated that raw materials approximately worth 200 billion Euros are imported to Europe. He underlined that a directive on Europe 2050 would be a possibility to make sure that areas for mining, industry and infrastructure have a secure space to develop.

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