EU-India post-crisis strategic partnership and cooperation – Defining new priorities

The pandemic will not mark the end of globalisation. But it is beeing challenged and that is why it is so important to revive strategic partnerships with a number of countries, including EU-India relations. SMEs and business-oriented actors are destined to be the essential element to these efforts. 

How can we support each other while getting our economies back on track? 

What could be the impact of the Next Generation EU recovery plan for EU-India relations? 

What will be the long-term effect on post-Covid trade?

COVID-19: SME Policy Responses With a Special Focus on CEE

Central Eastern Europe has suffered particularly the economic and social effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. Trade disruptions and shocks from both supply and demand side proved particularly detrimental for these emerging economies as they are heavily reliant on exports. As the European Commission aims to promote recovery and resilience of Member States, it is paramount to focus on targeted policy actions that support SMEs, while at the same time mitigating unemployment, especially in those regions most affected. Endorsing Central Eastern Europe as an attractive hub for digitally enabled investments will contribute to expediting these emerging economies’ economic growth.

In the context of the timely topic of the European coronavirus response, this webinar proposes to bring together institutional stakeholders and industry representatives to discuss how to best harness the potential of SMEs in Central Eastern Europe and, thus, promote the recovery of the European Single Marke

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