A European Union of Equality – Expanding Women Participation in Politics, Business & Trade

By SME Europe

From climate change, to digitalization and education, we are at a crossroads – how to modernize while preserving our beloved tradition and including European citizens in this transition? This is our chance to solve current challenges by developing sustainable approaches built upon strong democratic values that further cohesion and make politics more inclusive.

To achieve these goals, however, we need to develop an equal platform for all EU citizens, women and men. We need to harness everybody’s potential and encourage them to rebuild and re-innovate Europe together. The Gender Equality Strategy 2020–2025 truly shows your and the Commission’s commitment to providing the same opportunities to all who share the same aspirations.

No Member State has achieved true equality between men and women so far: women are still underrepresented in politics, business and trade. We need to foster an environment conducive to more active participation of women and their talents in the workforce. In the past few months, the pandemic taught us the value of flexibility and alternative perspectives, especially when rising to meet unexpected challenges. Diverse teams, equipped with men and women from all cultural, social and professional backgrounds, are on the right track to achieve the objectives set by the European Union.