“Gatekeeper Rules for Digital Platforms & Their Impact on SMEs”

By SME Europe

The digital economy is a fundamental driver of economic growth and innovation as well as an enabler of business opportunities for SMEs. To reap the benefits, however, SMEs need access to this thriving ecosystem, access often facilitated by digital platforms and other intermediaries. While regulation aimed at gatekeepers is designed with large platforms in mind, it often has unintended negative consequences as it also impacts European SMEs, these platforms’ users, and EUnicorns. To promote global competitiveness, policymakers should be careful to promote the Internal Single Market without stifling the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of European SMEs, start-ups and developers.

This virtual event wants to understand how European regulation targeting gatekeepers might end up affecting SMEs. SME representatives, digital platforms companies and our political members will take part in this European debate on the future of gatekeeper rules.