The EU-Africa and Farm to Fork Strategies 2020: How to square ambitions with the UN Sustainability Goals

By SME Europe

For reaching the Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger in Africa through joint efforts, the EU muss address the challenges of nutrition and food security by boosting a safe and sustainable agri-food system globally. Therefore, the Farm to Fork Strategy together with New EU-Africa Strategy, aim to promote the Global Transition towards a robust and resilient food system to ensure the access of affordable and safe food for everyone while protecting natural resources and combating climate change. A shift towards a sustainable agri-food system would also lead to social, health and environmental benefits and would offer economic incentives. By using trade deals and through the cooperation with African governments, stakeholder and other partners, the EU will ensure a successful global transition with international standards of agri-food products complying with European high safety and sustainable standards.

This event will highlight the African perspective on the global transition of the Farm to Fork Strategy to ensure the access to healthy, nutritious and affordable food for all citizens and a better protection of natural ecosystems to also build up resilience to possible future diseases and pandemics. It will stress the need for collaboration between African Countries and the EU to ensure knowledge exchanges, strengthening partnerships and financial and technical cooperation for projects to meet the aims of the Farm to Fork- and EU-Africa Strategy ensuring a transition towards a sustainable agri-food system.