“The Future of 5G: How to Reach Connectivity & Security for SMEs”

By SME Europe

From supply chain disruptions, to difficulty in fulfilling orders, to the lack of resources to work remotely, SMEs need a new type of connectivity to overcome current challenges heightened by the pandemic. 5G does not only offer speed, low latency, and the capacity to carry a massive number of connections simultaneously – its more exciting potential lies in supporting internet-connected devices. Establishing the right information security approach across 5G networks, however, is critical for enterprises on a digital transformation journey. Despite security improvements, newly implemented 5G equipment and protocols may inadvertently contain vulnerabilities that could expose components and data to exploitation. To succeed in the 5G transformation, industries need to develop digital skills and competence to understand new threats and how to mitigate them. The complexity of ensuring the security and reliability of 5G networks calls for a multilayered approach that includes technical measures, regulatory adjustments, a legal liability regime and investments in research and cybersecurity skills training.

This webinar wants to explore the future of 5G from an institutional, economic and innovation perspective in order to inform European approaches. SME representatives, financial services companies and our political members will take part in this European debate.