Working Breakfast:
“The View on Europe by Young Entrepreneurs”

By SME Europe

Europe’s economy depends on innovative and industrious young entrepreneurs. They develop the newest products, bring a vital spirit to the market and enhance the competition. The success of Europe’s future and its prosperity is undoubtable interconnected with a young entrepreneurial friendly environment. Never the less, young talents still face troubling business conditions. High level of bureaucracy, lack of access to finance and a negative entrepreneur image repeatedly pushed by the media, are just some of issues young founders report. From 10 founded Start-Ups, 9 fail within the first three years. 44% of all 15 to 24-year Olds can imagine to create their own business. However, only 4% do so.

SME Europe wants to create an informative and sustainable exchange, that will support young entrepreneurs, European SMEs and ensure further European prosperity. In order to establish this dialogue, SME Europe has invited experts, to present their view on the current challenges and opportunities of young founders.