Working Dinner:
“A Brief Overview of the European SME Policy:
Accomplishments & Goals Still Pending”

By SME Europe

SMEs are the foundation of Europe’s economy. They account for 99% of all businesses, employ two-thirds of the labourforce and generate over 50% of the European GDP. Europe’s SMEs are the cornerstone for regional employment and create highly innovative products that are demanded throughout the world. SMEs and entrepreneurship are key to ensure the economic growth, innovation, job creation and social integration in Europe. To secure further successful development of European SMEs, a productive and cross sectoral dialogue is needed.

In order to establish this dialogue, SME Europe has invited SME executives and experts, to present their sectorial opportunities and challenges of the coming years to the newly (re-)elected MEPs of the European Peoples Party. With this Working Dinner SME Europe aims to create an informative and sustainable exchange, that will support European SMEs and ensure further European prosperity.