SME Circle


SMEs bring growth and jobs. 99% of businesses in Europe are SMEs. That equates to over 20 million SMEs. While the SME structure in Germany, Austria, Northern Italy and the Netherlands is strong,  the SME sector in other Member States needs support even more.

With 44 MEPs from 20 Member States of the European Union, the SME Circle was therefore established in September 2014 the SME Circle of the Group of the European People’s Party in the European Parliament. As Chairman of the SME Circle Dr. Markus Pieper MEP has set himself the goal to simplify the bureaucracy jungle in Europe, so that the SMEs can be competitive and forward-looking.

Internal meetings are held monthly. There the SME Circle would like to cooperate more with the Commission and are planning on selected topics events with commissioners.
The Vice-Chairman of the SME Circle are: Bendt Bendtsen (DK), Paul Rübig (AUT), Antonio Tajani (IT), Pilar del Castillo (ES) and Michal Boni (PL).