What is the meaning and value of Christian ethical entrepreneurship in a globalized world?

By SME Europe

On 1st December 2016 SME Europe of the EPP, CSU Brussels, Friends of SMEs and MEP Paul Rübig cordially held a Discussion Panel on “What is the meaning and value of Christian ethical entrepreneurship in a globalized world?”. The event took place in the House of Europe, Rue de Pascale 22, from 12:00-14:00 and was moderated by Dr. Horst Heitz, Executive Director of SME Europe. The discussion panel was comprised ofMEP Paul Rübig, Honorary President of SME Europe and President of the Paneuropa Intergroup,Martin Wilde, General secretary of the German Federation of Catholic Entrepreneurs (BKU) and Union des Associations Patronales Catholiques (UNIAPAC) Europe,Udo Bux, Chairman of the CSU Brussels, and Ondrej Socuvka, Graduate of the Catholic Social Teaching at the Catholic University of America and current Head of Public Policy and Government Affairs with Google.

Dr. Heitz gave a welcome speech emphasising the importance of Christian values for Small and Medium enterprizes. He also outlined their impact on the Corporate Social Responsibilities of each and every European SME. He afterwards eloquently introduced all panelists and opened the floor for the discussion of the topic.

Dr. Rübig MEP explained the importance of many of years of tradition in certain SMEs, and the need to live with principles. There should be respect for religion, prayer and tolerance for different principles, thus openness for different opinions, which is the foundation of our democracy. This should of course be reciprocally exercised. The aim if this, is the development of the future in the right way.

Mr. Socuvka first outlined that the following words are his personal opinion and he, in this discussion panel, is not representing Google. He emphasized that being an entrepreneur, therefore creating a value, is a noble vocation. It is like repeating god´s creation in a human way. In addition Mr. Socuvka stated that Christian entrepreneurship needs solidarity and responsibility. This solidarity also includes improving living conditions in all countries and not a few.

Mr. Bux explained that the responsibility of family businesses is the solidarity of workers and their rights. He mentioned that Small and Medium sized enterprizes are the cornerstone of the Bavarian economy. He outlined the need for a more business friendly environment and mentioned that only the liberal party has such points in their agenda, even thought they have no Christian values in the business programme.

Mr. Wilde emphazised the broad base of his organization, which has 1200 members with mainly family owned businesses. He outlined that Christian entrepreneurship has to have human dignity and common good as basic principles. He highly valued the work of family owned Small and Medium sized entreprises and their positive impact on society.

The discussion ended with the common consensus that Christian ethical entrepreneurship is and should be highly valued in the globalized world.