Artificial Intelligence & Governance -
Part II The Future of AI Regulation:
Global Competition, Economy, Society & Ethics

from 9:30 to 11:00 CET

Welcome & Introduction

JURI, LIBE & AIDA Committees; Rapporteur on a Civil Liability Regime for Artificial Intelligence; Senator of SME Europe of the EPP


Dr. Michail BONI
The First Minister of DIgital Affairs in CEE 2011-13; Member of the European Parliament 2014-19; Senator of SME Europe of the EPP; Senior Research Associate with Martens Centre


Andrea RENDA (tbc)
Senior Research Fellow & Head of Global Governance,
Regulation, Innovation & Digital Economy, CEPS

Lecturer, College of Business & Law, University of Canterbury

Mats HANSSON (tbc)
Senior Professor & former Director, Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics (CRB); Steering Committee Member, European AI Forum

Magdalena PIECH (tbc)
Chair, European Tech Alliance;
Head of Regulatory Affairs, Allegro


Dr. Horst HEITZ
Executive Director, SME Europe of the EPP

A new chapter in the debate on AI development has started in light of the discussions on the Data Strategy, the new model for the Digital Single Market, the need for an industrial policy 4.0 and the passing of the Digital Services Act.

The economic dimension and aspirations of the European digital advantage must be linked with societal, cultural, political and even psychological views of the future. All of the above mentioned are necessary and key to the future of European competitive advantage.

At this stage of the debate on the future of AI and digital issues in the EU, we need to take a holistic view and develop a broad understanding of many aspects of digital development. During out discussion we will look at the best future regulatory framework, the management patterns and oversight of the AI systems development.

Artificial Intelligence is changing our world. We cannot afford not to utilize, nor do we have time to lose with regard to its development.