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Turning Europe's Data Ambitions into Opportunities for SMEs

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With the initiative of Pernille Weiss MEP, SME Europe Board Member and FEMM Committee Rapporteur on "Reaching Women's Economic Independence Through Entrepreneurship & Self-Employment" we are conducting a new survey to assess what are the constraints that women face when deciding to become entrepreneurs.

Your input will help us identify what factors attract women's interest and motivate them to start a business and which policies may benefit women's entrepreneurship.

With your guidance, we are committed to doing our part to preserve and strengthen the economic health of Europe and contribute to the upcoming proposal for a gender-aware framework for entrepreneurship for policy- makers.

Thank you for your contribution!
Board of the SME Europe of the EPP


We stand for
European SMEs!

We are the biggest political organisation in Europe that operates for the rights of small and medium sized enterprises, creating and developing a common European SME friendly policy

SMEs are the power cells of the European economy. At the same time, they are also the most vulnerable to the economic cycles and bad government decisions. Our common goal is to secure the best possible opportunities for the development, creation of new jobs, innovation and success stories in Europe. I will continue my work towards these goals.

Ivan Stefanec Member of the European Parliament,
President of SME Europe

SMEs create new jobs and drive economic growth. The constructive part of my political vision is to design strategies with the needs of SMEs in mind, helping them to exploit the single market’s full potential.

Iuliu Winkler Member of the European Parliament,
First Vice-President of SME Europe

Behind every SME there is a personal story. It is often not a story of an immediate success, it is a business journey of errors and mistakes. In fact, failure is great, when you own it and start all over again until you succeed.

Angelika Winzig Member of the European Parliament,
Vice-President & Treasurer of SME Europe

Despite the recognized importance of SMEs to the EU´s economy, they still face considerable obstacles. That is why SMEs have to be at the heart of who legislates. The European Union plays a key role in finding solutions for reducing the asymmetries between enterprises in different Member States in order to introduce a fairer and more equitable competition.

Claudia Monteiro de Aguiar Member of the European Parliament,
Vice-President of SME Europe

I am committed to connecting SMEs to both European and international opportunities for financing and knowledge exchange. I worked on the review of the European Fund for Strategic Investments and advocated for its extension and for the creation of regional advisory hubs for SMEs.

Eva Maydell Member of the European Parliament,
Vice-President of SME Europe

My focus has always been on strengthening the business climate and empowering entrepreneurs. This has been paramount for me both as an entrepreneur myself, when I was mayor and now as member of the European Parliament."

Jörgen Warborn Member of the European Parliament,
Vice-President of SME Europe

Compete globally by empowering people to risk and face new challenges. Digitalisation, e-skills, internationalisation should be at the heart of who believes, works and legislates for SMEs.

Georgios Kyrtsos Member of the European Parliament,
Board Member of SME Europe

I was born into an SME family. In my break from politics I had my own business for eleven years. That is why I am dedicated to strengthen the innovative dialogue between SMEs all over Europe and in the European Parliament. SMEs are the backbone of European culture and economy.

Pernille Weiss Member of the European Parliament,
Board Member of SME Europe

Will the WTO Waiver of Intellectual Property Rights help or harm the COVID Response?

Building a Fair and Trustworthy Data-Driven Economy for the Future

AI in the Healthcare Sector: Challenges and Opportunities for Legislation and SMEs

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Our instruments

SME Europe -
Small and Medium Entrepreneurs of Europe

We advise on EU legislation for small and medium enterprises. We aim at tight cooperation with all the stakeholders representing entrepreneurial sector as the entrepreneurs are given an early warning on legal development whist we receive their own evaluations on the effects of this will have on them

Legislative Initiatives

Contributing to the discourse of legislation and intervening in undesirable developments. We gather information, opinions and positions both locally in Brussels and in the member states.


Through public events for an open discourse bringing together various stakeholders of all levels: European Parliament, European Commission, associations, SMEs, field experts, etc

Mentoring Programmes

For SMEs bringing them into direct contact with the European institutions and explaining procedures of the EU

B2B Networking

By organising meeting and trips, both EU-wide and internationally

Launching Projects

By building up effective partnerships and sharing the know-how to support the first steps in cross-border cooperation

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AI Regulation and its Impact on SMEs:
Focus on the French Presidency Proposals on General-Purpose AI

Versatile by design and created without an intended scope, general-purpose AI systems have democratised access to and use of AI technologies, even for SMEs. Downstream developers can apply them in a variety of ways with benefits and risks changing depending on application. For this reason, within the AI Act context, adding general-purpose AI as a new class of AI systems might prove problematic and counterintuitive.

In fact, assigning stringent obligations on providers of these systems goes against the objective of pre-determining and clarifying the balance of responsibilities in the AI value chain. Moreover, it could end up in hampering collaboration between enterprises and innovation across Europe. Another unforeseen circumstance is that it would create a compliance gap that could harm consumers if such systems are used in high-risk manners not envisioned by the provider and the provider itself is unaware of the fact due to privacy and security obligations.

Developers are best placed to understand which controls and risk mitigations are most appropriate to their specific use case, and to implement them appropriately, while providers who choose to enable third parties to deploy them in high-risk applications should provide documentation and information about relevant compliance activities that enable deployers to comply with the Act. Ultimately, the AI Act should clarify this in order to ensure a fair and just balance of responsibilities across the value chain.

We will bring together policy makers, SMEs and other stakeholders to start a broader discussion on the proposal of the General-Purpose AI with regard to the French Presidency and beyond.


Turning Europe's Data Ambitions into Opportunities for SMEs

In the context of the 27th EPP Congress taking place from May 30th to June 1st in Rotterdam, SME Europe organized the event “Turning Europe’s Data Ambitions into Opportunities for SMEs” to discuss how the Data Act can help turn Europe’s data ambitions into opportunities for SMEs and accelerate Europe’s future data-driven economic prospects. The...


Will the WTO Waiver of Intellectual Property Rights Help or Harm the COVID Response ?

On Wednesday, June 8th, SME Europe of the EPP together with the Property Rights Alliance organised the webinar entitled „Will the WTO Waiver of Intellectual Property Rights help or harm the COVID Response?” to discuss the impact of the WTO TRIPS Waiver on IP Rights to keep ensuring that manufacturers still have an incentive to...


Building a Fair and Trustworthy Data-Driven Economy for the Future

On Wednesday March 23rd, 2022, SME Europe organised the webinar “Building a Fair and Trustworthy Data-Driven Economy for the Future” to discuss the potential of data for economic growth, competitiveness, innovation and job creation. Hosted by Angelika Niebler MEP, ITRE Rapporteur on the Data Governance Act, and moderated by Eline Chivot, Senior Adviser on Digital...


AI in the Healthcare Sector:
Challenges and Opportunities for Legislation and SMEs

On Tuesday, December 14th, SME Europe of the EPP organized a webinar titled “AI in the Healthcare Sector: Challenges and Opportunities for Legislation and SMEs.” Hosted by Axel Voss MEP, DANZ, JURI and AIDA Committee and moderated by Dr. Michal Boni, the webinar saw a high-level, expert panel comprised of Verena Kaip, Associate Consultant at APCO...

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