Statement of SME Europe and SME Circle of EPP to the Resignation of Markus Pieper as SME Envoy

By SME Europe

**SME EUROPE and SME Circle Acknowledge Highest Respect for Mr. Markus Pieper’s Decision not to Assume SME Envoy Position. Due to Difficult Situation, Call for Swift Succession***

SME EUROPE and SME Circle of the EPP Group, representing the interests of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Europe, regret the current situation and express their appreciation for Mr. Markus Pieper’s decision not to assume the role of SME Envoy due to the current challenging situation.

While Mr. Pieper would undoubtedly have been the ideal candidate for this position, “SME EUROPE and SME Circle thank Mr. Pieper for his willingness to advocate for the interests of SMEs, and we respect his decision not to assume the SME Envoy position,” said Ivan Stefanec, President of SME EUROPE. “However, given the urgent needs of our SMEs, it is imperative that President of European Commission makes a new decision now and ensure that our SMEs receive the support they need.”

Nowadays in a time marked by economic challenges, our SMEs urgently need clear representation and support at the European level. Therefore, SME EUROPE and SME Circle call for a swift decision on Mr. Pieper’s successor as SME Envoy, demanding that this decision be made by the end of April.

Ivan Štefanec MEP, President of SME Europe

Jörgen Warborn MEP, Vice President of SME Europe

Jens Gieseke MEP, Chair of the SME Circle of the EPP

Henna Virkkunen MEP, Co-Chair of the SME Circle of the EPP